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Singapore Food Delivery Special Mac side dish

Mac new side dish special

Delivery Hotline: 6777 3777
Operating Hours: 24 hours

Cuisine: Western

These are from McDonald's dished on criss-crossed yellow bands for that country feel. Noticeably, are two different flavors as perceived. The shiny ones that glazed the dining table are the honey drumlets that are sweet on the surface and more savory under. The drumlets certainly strike it right with the chicken lovers with thumbs up in taste and texture. A second helping is sure and the bite is tender with a thin crispy envelope. The freshly fried aroma of sweet well done chicken resonates the dining space immediately after served that will invite the room bound for the visit.

The other kind flavor is the spicy crispy wings that live up to is name and the regular drink is not enough to put out the flame. It is kind because it appetites and the spicy non- tolerant needs a bottle to sympathize the flaming really. Comparatively, this is drier and crispier and for manner wise, do go gentle and slower on the close for any extra time spent will be worthwhile.

As a final note, do wash every thing cleanly and keep such dining invites to pleasant ones.

Singapore favourite food: Ming Kitchen@HD 40

Ming Kitchen@HD 40

Address: 40 Holland Drive #01-39 Holland
Price: $30 (For 2 persons)

Cuisine: Chinese

 Moved by flaring barbecued meat ribs? This is one Japanese pork ribs with much juiciness and fragrance that goes well and it must only be with - steamed white pearly rice. Not to mention that the brilliant chef has some parts charred and sweetened with honey, which gives a varied texture, enhancing sugary and more ripened fragrance. And so as not to stifle the entire meal, the complementary mixed vegetables with fish maw, adds the balancing softness to the whole meal and completes the dining experience. The interesting and in-balanced vegetables of broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and garlic are gel together by the spongy fish maw in oyster sauce. With the strong and the gentle duo, one can flow and savor the beneficial mix that satisfies the expectant taster.

Singapore Favourite Food: Delicious Nyonya Cuisine

Nonya Cuisine@ West Mall

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Central Link West Mall #04-01 Singapore 658713
Price: $6.20 (Varies)

Cuisine: Peranakan 

A Straits Chinese concoction of carrot soup, lady's finger's shrimp, soft cabbage,braised meat, sweetened spiced chicken, sour preserved vegetable and family that surrounds this spread is a tradition worth to continue. In those mini cylinders of melamine ware, the variety speaks all. With mainly sweet, savory and spiced flavors, one will be reminded that this is a homely meal. That is the feel one constantly receives be it prepared at home or for commercial supply. 

The aroma is not broadcasted as in some dishes that overwhelm the passerby. Because of its sweetness, the inner fragrance is locked only revealing some of the warmth that each dish possesses. and when you have tasted it, you will be smiling from year to year and ear to ear for a rich flavored spread with each its uniqueness. 

The appearance are a harmonious mix and as so when you taste the variety.You too may assimilate the harmony consumed and become as the spread echoes - a rich inner contentment. Thumbs up for the Peranakans.

Singapore Food: Fast Food Special 6 (Mos burger)

Mos burger

Opening hours: Sun-Thu, 10am-10.30pm; Fri-Sat, 10am-11pm (Some outlets open till 11.30pm)
Price: $7.20 (Varies)

Cuisine: Japanese


Should there be packaged goodness in a while, MOS Burger has it. With its unique variety of rice burger, the Japanese recipe burger which may have been customized for the locals is worth the anticipation for it to warm and wrapped in clean fashion and white semi matt- semi glossy hand friendly paper with that quality feel. When undone to dine, a delightful marvel unveils the fragrant colors and fresh aroma of freshly prepared treats. The sauce should be the major reason that gives the rice burger its characteristic flavor and niceties. 

Adorned with the regular cut seaweed strip, the deep textural green adhering below the white based rice top cover and complementing the orangy deep fried ebi elevates the burger to a class of artful pleasantness to the consumer and onlookers alike. As a delectable side, the thickly crispy Hokkaido potato croquette becomes an interesting combination to the main and with it. You are filled with a light main and a heavier side and whatever that food philosophy if any is intended for, the conclusion is of intrigue. 

The rice variety also comes in Teriyaki sauced chicken, and I believe in all its traditional flavors incorporated. If you still have room, do sample its peach tea for that complete if not stereotypical menu of modern cosmopolitan lifestyle snacking.

Koo Kee Yong Yong Tau Foo

Koo Kee Yong Yong Tau Foo 

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Central Link West Mall #04-01 Singapore 658713

Price: $3.50 (Varies)

Cuisine: Chinese

White and yellow are the signature colors that give the traditional yong tau foo their trademark orders. White is for soup based or boiled pieces like fishball and tofu typically. Yellow is for deep fried bean curd skin wrapping fish paste. these are served in thick oyster based sauce and soft soya beans that is mostly savory. Best served with white steamed rice or yellow flat noodles giving you delectable combinations to finish the whole course. 

The fragrance is the soya bean based pieces or stock that is alluring to younger soya lovers, and as for the elderly they will have to keep check of the rich soya content. A simple dish for the simple diners who appreciates everything that is peranakan. If greens are missing, do add them in as sides for these are the usual kind of combination that is sufficient in taste in themselves. So if you love both soup and the sauce, get all the combination and delight in these traditional choices.

Yoshinoya@Plaza Singapura

Yoshinoya@Plaza Singapura

Address: Plaza Singapura #B1-08 68 Orchard Road
Operating hours: 10:00 am - 10:00pm (Mon - Fri / Sun / PH); 10:00 am - 10:30pm (Sat)

Price: $5.50 (Varies)

Cuisine: Japanese


Yo- i -shinoya. This is always a very clean and neat take away and dine-in pieces on the dining top. The theme is simple and wholesome, for every dish or combo series. My favorite is a collection and not limited to the food gallery depict here. There is the crispy and very tantalizing teriyaki chicken with the traditional sauce and mayonnaise freshened with a couple of cropped cabbage on Japanese soft rice. The color is balanced and full, the fragrance focused: it is teriyaki and piping hot crispy chicken and the warmth of the clean rice just make it a fulfilling piece. Then for the seafood lovers, the bread crumbed ebi trio is just an intuitive treat to go through the three in continuous sequence, leaving the oden ( radish and much in kelp base soup) to fill the rice and baby vegetables. The soft Kobe meat (i presume) is tender and thinly sliced, all well worked in   with these slightly savory sweet onion shreds or crescents that alone suffice with the rice. Ever want a staple food menu, try Yoshinoya where you can even have the coleslaw as the side to top up your greens nourishment.

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