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Katong Laksa at Holland Village

Holland V Katong Laksa

Address: Holland Village
Operating hours: 11am -9pm

Place: Cafe
Cuisine: Chinese Food
Price: $3.50(small)




Holland Village Katong Laksa was once voted last among all the Katong Laksa in Singapore. This time we went there to try out to see whether it is really that terrible? After looking at the appearance and having a taste of it, some find that it was a little salty, some felt that it was alright. Perhaps the flavour of the Katong Laksa was not as strong as compared to the other stalls. It does not have the unique flavour of the so called original recipe( These days there are so many katong lasksa you won't know which is the real original recipe). Overall, the laksa at Holland Village was nice the gravy was alright. After adding the chilli the laksa taste nicer. They also serve Otah as the side dish usually to accompany the Laksa. The options of their home-made barley and lime juice are good choices of drinks as they help to cool down from the Laksa.


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sg said...

Just ate it a few days ago. Pretty alright.

Food Lover said...

Haha i see yup it taste pretty alright. Still in some sense quite nice for a simple dinner ha.

Anonymous said...

Heard it has been took over recently and the laksa is great now. Will go again

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