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Yu kee duck rice and kway chap

Yu kee duck rice and kway chap

Address: 1 Bukit Batok Central Link (S) 658713
Place: Foodcourt (Level 4)

Cuisine: Chinese


Customers can have a choice of yu kee set or the stewed fowl set.




The many ingredients of the kway chap dish which consists of braised meat, egg, tau pok, fish cake, etc.


A closer view of what the dish looks like.

The kway chap sold at this stall is usually good but the last time I went was not that good. The ingredients were not too fresh. But anyway the main point about kway chap is that it is especially good when it is for cold weather. In a way the different ingredients also serves as a variety to mix match the kway chap hence making the meal more interesting. Yu kee duck rice is actually pretty a renowned stall its braised duck rice is tasty too. I prefer the stall at causeway point as the duck rice seems to be more fragrant there ha.

Special way to eat:

Simply just pour a saucer of chili into the kway chap if you are a chili eater. When the chili and the gravy of the kway chap is mixed, it not only taste spicy but will give special and interesting taste.

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terrytsang said...

wow.. so many delicious food here. feel hungry already... haha :)

Food Lover said...

Hello terry thanks for the visit haha!

little.miss.tiny said...

Have you tried the Yu Kee duck rice at liang seah street? The one opposite Bugis Parco's Mos Burger.

The last time I tried, the meat was super tender. Coincidentally, I also use your special way to eat, but mixed the chilli with duck rice! Their chilli is so good!

Best of all, it's so affordable! Cheap and delicious! I'm going to try the kway chap next time round!

Great reviews and photos! Love your food blog! Will be back for more! ^_^~~

Food Lover said...

Hello little.miss.tiny thanks for the visit yup tried before ha the duck rice there is good. Glad to hear about the way of eating most importantly it can only be tasty only when the chili is nice haha. Thanks for your comments ha!

Dora said...

I have tried Yu Kee before and esp like their chili. Nowadays, the serving of braised duck is quite small.

Anonymous said...

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