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Singapore Peranakan Food

IVINS™ @ Binjai Park

Address: 19/21 Binjai Park Bukit Timah Singapore 589827
Tel: 6468 3060

Operating hours: 11am to 3pm (Lunch); 5pm to 9pm (Dinner); Closed on Thursdays
Price: $25 for 2 (Varies depending on the number of dishes ordered)





This is a favourite place for both the residents at Binjai and visitors alike. The same will be for the working and upper class for the sumptuous and affordable Peranakan food and air-conditioned dining ambience draws many hearts to the place as can be seen by the mixed crowds at meal times.

My family visit fills my our table with the favorite honey meat, deep fried chicken,chap choi( a Chinese term for mixed vegetable ), fried egg, steamed flavored rice and boiled yew pew soup( a delicacy for the Chinese).

As usually sedap ( aka delicious in Malay), the honey meat is tender and lightly sweet, the chicken is crispy, lean and feels non-oily, the soft cabbage and savory sauce blends so well with the flavored rice and fragrant fried egg.

At the end, the satisfaction reaches the climax with the soothing yew pew soup that leaves the next good family outing to be reserved here.

With the spacious dining space, you can hear the sounds of the crowd but not feel the crampness like other restaurants but comfortable in the air conditioned surroundings.

Do note the opening hours to avoid disappointments. Enjoy.


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